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Red Tiger Gaming
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Viral Spiral from Red Tiger Gaming is a rare type of slot because it only has one reel. You will find the Bonus Wheel trigger and a few dead spins in the bonus game. Although most features are dull, you will relish a 5,000x max win under the bonus feature. Viral Spiral is a low variance slot built with HTML5 and JS technology. It was only launched recently, so players should expect better things in future with successive upgrades.

In this Viral Spiral slot review, first impressions suggest that Red Tiger Gaming has failed with its initial attempts to create an exciting game. Lucky gamers have only registered a win in the single bonus feature. It is not even easy at this stage because you have to plough through several dead spins before you land the Bonus Wheel. A random stint of luck will save you in a rare chance. The 5,000x prize is subject to many conditions, and it is only available on the third and final wheel.


There is nothing fancy in the base game because you can only lose here. A win takes you to the bonus round with the Bonus Wheel symbol coming up on a new screen. To win in this round, a nudge feature must come up to help you, though it appears randomly.


Viral Spiral’s Bonus Wheel is divided into eight segments, of which four are regarded as losing segments. The winning segment comprises a golden top-prize segment and three smaller-prize segments. When you land the first Bonus Wheel, you stand a 75% winning chance. Subsequent wheels are worth a 50% winning chance, and players can see the indications encrypted on the respective wheels whenever they land them.


If you successfully land on the safe prize segment, the Bonus Wheel increases the prizes automatically. You may then collect your winnings. An alternative is to try out another spin. Landing the golden top-prize segment has better fortunes as subsequent wheels will have improved rewards. Unfortunately, if you take another chance and land in the losing segment, the system will forfeit all your previous winnings and take you back to the base game.


Apparently, there is more action in the bonus game. For each Bonus Wheel you trigger, the game allows you to gamble a maximum of three times. The prize segments are worth between 15x and 5,000x your stake. You can only win the 5,000x top prize on the third wheel. Therefore, the best strategy is to gamble twice before collecting the reward.

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Red Tiger Gaming ought to have done better with this slot. As it stands today, players have little to smile about. Already, the base game has nothing to offer other than a losing streak. The few winning opportunities in the bonus game are subject to many conditions that are difficult to comply with. Ordinarily, players do not like a stressful encounter because gaming is meant to be enjoyable. Having said that, there are a few pros, including a random nudge feature that can trigger a bonus wheel and set you on the winning path. 

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