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Deposit €500, Play With €1000!

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Deposit €500, Play With €1000!

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The Private Eye slot is the perfect game for film noir aficionados and those that love reading novels like the Maltese Falcon. You will be able to slip into the world of the 1950s Pinkerton detective with Private Eye, which features the type of graphics a hard-bitten detective would appreciate.

Private Eye specifications

The RTP for Private Eye comes in at a cool 97.5%. For the uninitiated, the RTP stands for Return to Player and essentially represents the edge the house has. Gamblers will often prefer a higher RTP over a lower one. The industry standard is 96%, so Private Eye’s 97.5% is impressive.

Private Eye design

A Private Eye slot review would not be complete without mentioning the animations. Many people are not overly concerned with the aesthetic, audio-visual experience they have while playing an online slot machine game. However, sometimes the themes of a particular game really should be mentioned. Private Eye features fun, exciting animations that make you feel like you have just stepped into the film L.A. Confidential. The rotary phone spins, the femme fatale flounces, and the ice cubes in the scotch and soda clink dramatically, making for an immersive experience.

Private Eye features

On top of creating an interesting atmosphere, the game also has a number of fun bonus features that are definitely worth mentioning. The Solve the Case bonus feature is a fan favourite and actually makes you feel like you are watching a film. The bonus is played out over two different levels, the first of which is the Clue Bonus, featuring a series of clues sitting on a table.

In the Clues Bonus, the gambler has to go through each of the clues until they strike it lucky, and the telephone starts to ring. As each clue is collected, a record is made using the old-fashioned typewriter, with an accompanying cash bonus. Then, each clue is inspected using a magnifying glass. If there is a fingerprint on the clue, the detective informs his superior and is rewarded. In the second bonus level, the gambler must identify a suspect. If the fingerprint from the first bonus round corresponds to the selected suspect, then the gambler will again win a cash prize.

In addition to the Clues Bonus, there are also several fun free spins features, including one which is triggered when the Newspaper Boy scatter symbol appears on reels three, four and five. From this initial position, it is possible to win more free spins.

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Private Eye verdict

Private Eye is something of a forgotten slot machine game. If you look for reviews of this game online, you will not find much that has been updated recently. Even the Microgaming site itself provides little information on this game. The neglect of this game is a mistake. The fun, kitschy, neo noir mood which this game provides is second to none and deserves greater recognition.

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